A warm welcome!

At Rosas, we’re very proud to introduce Minimum to our clients. We’re absolutely in love with their Scandinavian touch! Pure lines, elegant fits, new prints and timeless pieces,.. how could we resist?

A little bit of history

In 1997 the young entrepreneur Peder Tang opens a small retail shop named minimum. The shop opens in the center op Peder’s hometown Aarhus, Denmark.  A couple of guys join Tang in 1999 and together they establish Minimum as an independent clothing label. The first collection gets launched and is a pure male line. The brand expands in 2007 with a female line, and the first female collection is launched.

Today, the young Danish entrepreneurs who started Minimum still form the core of the organization. However, the Minimum family has gradually grown and today consists of more than 70 dedicated individuals, who all work hard to ensure that Minimum is a leading clothing brand on the market and a favorite with customers.

Spring Collection 2016!

The spring collection “into the light” is inspired by the scandinavian light as it’s seen in the seasonal change from winter to spring, when brighter days are ahead. The light in the collection is illustrated through the use of the lomography camera and experimentation with filters, contrasts, and different forms of light.

The idea behind the collection is to create a versatile mix of styles that are combined in layer styling, where cropped pants, elongated tops and alternative shapes challenge the traditional lengths and lines.