CATWALK JUNKIE: Spring Summer 2016

CATWALK JUNKIE: Spring Summer 2016
CJ is established in 2009 in Amsterdam. Their team is a group of passionate and dedicated friends in search of originality and a way to express themselves. Actually they’re more like a really small gang. They don’t pursuit the ordinary.

The name ‘Catwalk Junkie’ comes from the passion of having a constant eye on the latest trends and street styles from all over the world. This inspiration gets blend with creativity, attitude, personality, a touch of rebelliousness and kick-ass teamwork.

CJ aims to create a unique style of fashion for those who want to make a statement, without being a follower. Affordable everyday pieces get created, made to make you feel awesome and empowered to live life to the fullest. And simply to kick-ass every single day!

Since day one CJ chooses to work with premium fabrics and reliable manufacturers. To deliver the best quality possible is their top priority, after all your loyalty is priceless to them!

Every piece starts in the mind of the CJ designer in Amsterdam. After getting her toughts on paper, the suppliers in Turkey get a visit and they make the designs come to life.

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